What to Expect

What to Expect

It is my primary goal is to provide high quality design that is on-time and on-budget. Your mission shouldn’t be hindered because your designer doesn’t prioritize deadlines or hits you with additional costs halfway through your project. So long as the information flows between us in a timely manner, I promise that your project will be delivered on-time and as specified. I am here as a tool to help support your mission and I take that calling very seriously.

I feel called to use my skills for nonprofits and churches.  I understand that churches and other nonprofits have unique challenges compared to their for-profit cousins. Whether it be limited budgets, tight schedules, or needing to work through a committee structure, I appreciate the intricacies of nonprofit decision making. Instead of getting frustrated as other designers might, I embrace them as the sign of dedicated people struggling to achieve their mission in this world. To help alleviate these challenges, I offer discounted pricing for churches and other nonprofits, as well as flexible schedules and payment plans.

Here is how I work:

  1. Every design starts out with a short consult and estimate to see if we are a good fit.  
  2. If everything sounds good, deadlines are created, a contract is signed, and a deposit is sent.
  3. Then there is a more in-depth consult where we will talk more about specifics details. This can be completed over email, in person or via a phone or video conversation.  
  4. Designs are started.  Communication continues throughout the whole design process.
  5. Designs will be sent via email for approval (normally in a pdf format)
  6. Revisions are completed based on further conversations.
  7. Final files of project are delivered.  
  8. If requested I can work with printers or web-hosting services to get your final project completed.


If you have any questions during the design process, please do not hesitate to ask

I am here to help you.


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