Where does your help come from?

When you think about implementing your branding and marketing, you may have questions. You know what you need to do, but how do you get it all done? What if you don’t have any design skills? All you need to do is to look for resources to help you.

Look to your organization and your community. Do you have any skilled workers that can help you? Some people know the design programs for their jobs or a hobby.

There is one thing here that I want to caution you of. You want your branding to be professional and consistent. This means that you want to find someone that is skilled and knows what they are doing. If you were looking for someone to rewire your building you would look for a professional electrician, not just someone who dabbles in it. The same thing here, you want to find someone that understands branding and design (color schemes, design principles, fonts, graphics)  

If you don’t have any skilled workers in your organization or community, there are people like myself that focus on design as a profession. These people have the skills and training to be able to help you.  Some even offer a discount to small businesses and non-profits.

You do not need to use a skilled worker or hire a designer to do everything, but to get you off to a good start. A good designer should be able to set up everything, give you templates to work into and then step back and offer support as needed.